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Putting the FUN in Functional Nutrition

Updated: Mar 31

A few reasons why our patients choose functional nutrition services:


Irregular cycles


Stagnant weight loss

Mood swings

Difficulty sleeping

Hair loss


Brain Fog




Abdominal cramping

First step for our patients is to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation with our functional nutrition practitioner. Once scheduled, you will receive a comprehensive intake form to fill out that will give our functional nutrition practitioner an overview of your health history and concerns. During your initial consultation you will briefly discuss your main symptoms, primary concerns, and what functional tests are the best fit for you. From there, our functional nutrition practitioner will order the agreed upon labs and tests for you.

Next step would be for the patient to complete all required testing. Tests vary from urine, saliva, stool, and blood. Many of the recommended tests can be completed in the comfort of your own home. If blood work is needed you’ll be directed to a local lab to complete.

Once our doctor has received all test results, a follow up 45 minute functional medicine session will be scheduled. During this appointment, our functional nutrition practitioner will discuss your test results and give recommendations for supplementation, diet, and lifestyle changes.

Additional sessions can be scheduled as needed to check in with our functional nutrition practitioner. These sessions can be used to review progress, decide on more testing, tweak supplement or diet recommendations, and support you in any way you are needing. Length and focus of these sessions are based on patient need and doctor recommendation!

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