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Prenatal Fitness

We specialize in prenatal fitness, safe for all trimesters, to get you ready for labor + delivery. While you will not be using the NeuX, you will have a customized program targeting your areas of weakness.


Prenatal personal training includes full body strength training, stabilization, breath work, + functional movement.


Exercising during pregnancy can decrease risk of pelvic floor dysfunction + diastasis recti. It can also prepare baby for labor and decreases chances of c-section delivery.


 Research has shown that mothers who exercise regularly during early to mid-pregnancy have healthier babies! Benefits of strength training include maintaining metabolism, improves bone density, supports good postural habits, supports joints, + prevents injury.

Focusing on diaphragmatic breathing, pelvic floor activation and effective core engagement will build strength for your transforming body + the workout of a lifetime AKA labor!

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