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Tongue and Oral Ties + Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Pediatric Chiropractic Care before and after tongue tie revision is essential for your baby. Chiropractic care helps optimize head + neck structure and tongue function. Whether there is a structural problem in their face, head, or neck baby will benefit from body work before revision surgery. Tension caused by tethered tissues can create long lasting structural changes to the musculoskeletal system; especially in the neck, cranium, and face. Abnormal stresses on these tissues cause asymmetry, which can lead to flattening of the head, developmental delays, + more dysfunction later in life. Post revision, chiropractic care encourages and supports proper wound healing. It helps the baby's anatomy to accommodate the changes created from the surgery. Pediatric chiropractic can only benefit your new born regardless of tongue, lip, or buccal ties.


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